Village Pets Professional Dog Grooming & Dog Teeth Cleaning

By Vicki, Katie & Phoebe

Village Pets Dog Groom Room is a relaxed and homely environment, offering a 1-2-1 dog grooming experience in a safe and secure setting.

Our priority is always the welfare and happiness of the dog, taking time to understand your grooming requirements and your dogs personality.

With our extensive experience of handling and socialising dogs of all sizes, you can feel at ease that your dog furry friend is in good hands.

Village Pets Professional Dog Grooming By Katie
Katie Dog Groomer

Getting to know your Groomers

Vicki, Katie and Phoebe are qualified level 3 ONC in Professional Dog Grooming – both Katie and Phoebe trained at the UK’s number 1 leading grooming academy ‘Groomarts’ in London, and Vicki more locally in Woburn

All staff members at Village Pets are First Aid Trained and fully insured so you can rest assured that your pet will receive the care and attentiveness they need from start to finish.

Vicki, Katie and Phoebe all l come with a bag full of experience and qualifications, gained whilst working at Village Pets.


  • Level 3 Canine Care, Behaviour & Welfare.
  • Level 3 ONC in Professional Dog Grooming
  • Canine Body Language course completed with IMDT
  • Breed & Predatory Motor Patterns completed with IMDT
  • Talking Reactivity & Aggression completed with MK Dog Behaviour and Training
  • Canine First Aid
  • Emmi Pet Teeth Cleaning
Dog Teeth Cleaning at Village Pets with Emmi Pet

Professional Dog Teeth Cleaning now available at Village Pets

  • Emmi Professional Pet Teeth Cleaning
  • Helps prevent other health problems
  • Stress free dog teeth cleaning

For more information about why it’s so important to clean your dogs teeth read our latest article here